Planning an international move is often much more complex than simply planning a move across the city. A large part of any successful overseas move involves choosing the right moving company. ITS Global Relocation Services is the premier Portland International moving company. Our international moving crew and vast resources make it easy to plan an international move that is both stress-free and simplified.

In order to have a successful overseas move, it’s essential to plan ahead far in advance as well as keep some other tips in mind.

Customs, Visas, Etc.

While visas are essential in order for you to reside in your new country, researching customs requirements for your items is also an important part of planning an international move. Since each country is different, it’s important to understand what requirements apply specifically to your household goods.


Decluttering before an international move provides numerous benefits. It ensures that you are only moving items and belongings that truly matter to you and will play a part in your new home. If it’s not needed and will simply take up space, consider selling or donating the item.

Shipping unwanted items can also rack up expenses quickly. Why ship items you truly don’t care about? Declutter before the move, and enjoy the peace of mind.

Research, Research, Research

Moving to a completely new country can be terrifying by itself. Knowing nothing about the country is both reckless and possibly dangerous. Before planning an international move, seek to research about the country as much as possible to learn about your new home. Check the area around your new address for hospitals, embassies, banks, grocery stores, etc., so you can have a better idea of what your daily life will look like.

When it’s time to find the right Portland International movers for you, trust ITS Global Relocation Services to complete your international move. With numerous packing services and storage options, we can create the perfectly customized international move for you.

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