Residential moving is hard and stressful. Whether you have all the time in the world to clean out and pack up your home, or you have less than two weeks, the stress levels are mostly out of control. It is important to pick the right boxes while you are packing up your items, so you do not cause trouble when actually moving them. You do not want anyone or anything to get hurt or damaged because you did not pack a certain box properly. That is why ITS Global Relocation Services wants to offer you easy tips and tricks for packing boxes. Your residential move will be significantly easier if you follow the following advice. 

File Boxes

If you are planning on moving your files in a desk or cabinet that has lockable drawers, leave them there! If you do not have this option file boxes are perfect for moving documentation and specialty paperwork. 

Large Mirror or Picture Boxes

This specialty box is made for mirrors or large pictures. If often contains handles that make it easy to move delicately. 

TV Box

You should always move your TVs in the boxes they were bought in, but if you do not have that box, this box is the next best thing. These boxes transport flat screen TVs and help keep them properly protected. 

Electronics Box

With thicker walls, this type of box is designed to accommodate heavier weights and sizes like sound systems, microwave ovens, and desktop computers.

Mattress Bags & Boxes

Plastic mattress bags are great for protecting your mattress and box spring from the outside elements. If you want to splurge and get mattress boxes, they often have handles that make transporting these bigger items easier.

Wardrobe Box

These boxes are easy to distinguish because they contain metal rods for hanging clothing on. This makes taking clothing from your closet and hanging it up in your new home simple and easy. We recommend using these boxes for formal wear and other clothing you do not want to wrinkle. 

Dish Pack Box

Dish pack boxes are great for smaller fragile items. As a box that contains dividers you will be able to easily separate items that need to be kept away from each other. You can also pack your dishware and plates in these boxes!

Small Size Moving Box

Believe it or not, small size moving boxes are made for heavier items like books and canned goods. They can also be used for gouging items together so they do not get misplaced in another box. 

Medium Size Moving Boxes

These boxes are great for moving, they can accommodate many types of items and are very versatile. Be sure to check out the weight limit on this box so you do not break it while moving your items.

Large Size Moving Boxes

Larger boxes are the opposite of smaller boxes, meaning this is great for light-weight and bulky items. You can pack your stuffed animals, blankets, and pillows in a large moving box. 

Extra Tall Box

Extra tall boxes are made for awkward items to move like floor lamps and golf clubs. It is not safe to move these items without a box, so make sure to count how many of these boxes you need specifically before buying them.

Custom Crates

If you have special items that will not fit in a standard box, you can call ITS Global Relocation Services to professionally pack these items. We can create wooden crates for any of your specialty items, which you can then move yourself or we can move for you. Call us today if you are interested in a free moving estimate. We would love to help you with your long-distance move.