Your furry companions are part of the family, so naturally you’re concerned how they will handle the move. It can be a stressful situation for humans and pets alike. As Tualatin movers, the professional moving specialists at ITS Global Relocation know how scary this process can be to the feline and canine members of your family. Here are some tips to help you prepare them for the journey ahead.

  • Keep them separate- On moving day, it’s important to keep them out of the way in a climate-controlled, safe room.  Set up a bedroom or office with some of their favorite items that you can throw in the car, some water, and maybe some food depending on when they normally eat. This will reduce their stress levels and keep them from getting trampled or sneaking outside.
  • Plan the ride- When you are driving with your pets, be sure to take frequent stops that will enable them to stretch their legs and use the restroom. It is important to wean them off water, but be sure they are still getting some. Keep them in a secured area of the vehicle with some toys and a favorite blanket.  Speak with your vet if you have any concerns about traveling with your pet.
  • Introduce them slowly- It may be tempting to let them run around and smell everything, but that can cause unnecessary stress. Set up a room just for them with their favorite items.  Let them get accustomed to that area and then slowly introduce them to the other areas of the house.

Moving is hard on everything, but if you follow these tips you’re furry friends will be king or queen of the house again in no time.

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