When it comes to moving, the hardest part might not be packing up or moving to a new town, it can be how the kids will handle the move. Moving is a strenuous process that is difficult when you fully understand what is happening. For some kids, they have never had to leave home and never had to get rid of old belongings.

As Washougal movers, we know how hard this transition can be and we are here to help! After over 90 years of moving families in the Washougal area, we have learned a few tips and trick to making your move more manageable for little ones.

If you need to purge, do it at night.

This may sound mean, but you know better than your child what toys are valuable to them.  If they haven’t played with it or asked about it in years, chances are they won’t miss it if it gets donated. If you do choose to donate some of their old belongings, you may want to do it at night so they don’t see the items you are taking away. As soon as they lay eyes on it, they will want it back. 

…. Or make it a learning experience.

It is important for children to learn to give back. If your children are old enough, explain how some of their old, gently used toys will make another child really happy.  They may be willing to help sort through their belongings with you!

Get them involved.

The best way to help ease the pain of the process is to get them excited about the process. Find ways for them to be useful or get involved. Maybe you let them pick them rooms and decorate them. Maybe you put them in charge of packing up their toys or pet supplies. Giving them a job will help keep them busy and make them feel part of the big transition.

Schedule a time to visit friends and loved ones from the area.

The hardest part for kids tends to be leaving their friends and family behind. By scheduling a time for them to visit, you give them something to look forward to and ensure that you will be back to see them.

Moving is really hard for kids which can make the move even more difficult for you. By using these tips you will lessen the pain of leaving and help them get excited about the new possibilities that lie ahead.

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