When you move your home, it’s nerve racking. Now imagine moving your entire business. You have dozens, possibly hundreds, of employees to move along with confidential documents, and technology. It’s a major undertaking, but the right preparation can make it a much easier endeavor.

As Portland office movers, we have years of experience moving businesses to, from, and around the Portland area. Here are some tips we have learned to help make your transition simpler and reduce stress.

Plan Ahead- The biggest mistake you can make is procrastinating and not planning accordingly. The move may be months away, but that is the perfect time to call your mover and schedule a moving date. At ITS Global Relocation, we also offer a variety of logistics and specialized moving services that could help with the rest of your planning and relocation.

Utilities and Moving Times- Moving your business is very much like moving your home on a larger scale. You still need to be aware of moving dates; if there is an elevator schedule; and updating your utility information. Make sure you have all of the necessary information and steps in place so you don’t have any surprises on moving day.

Name a Point Person- A great to ensure all of your ducks are in a row is to appoint a person to handle the moving process. They will be able to research and prepare for every step along the way. This will also help with communication between you and your moving company.

Have Employees Help- Another great time saver is to have employees help with at least the packing process. Not only will this enable them to know exactly where all of their items are, they will also be able to purge any old, unnecessary items that are taking up space in their desk.

While moving your business may seem like an overwhelming task, these tips will help make it a much more manageable process. Another great way to ensure you have a successful move is to the hire the Portland commercial moving company of choice, ITS Global Relocation.  We will work with you from start to finish to ensure you have a moving solution that fits your needs. Call or visit our website to get your FREE quote today!