Preparing for a move can be overwhelming, and one of the most frequently cited stressors associated with moving is packing. While it sounds easy enough, actually going through all of your things and determining what to keep, what to sell and what to toss is a time-consuming project. One way to help reduce stress as you prepare to move is to work with a professional moving and storage company. As a leading provider of Portland storage services, ITS Global Relocation Services understands the challenges associated with moving. Using secure storage for a short time during your move can help ease your stress and take the pressure off of having to make every decision immediately. Why use Portland storage when you move? Keep reading!

You Can Organize by Season

If you’re moving in the summer, you probably won’t be in need of your sweaters, snow boots, holiday decorations or snow shovels. By using a storage facility, you can organize all of your belongings by season and take only those you know you will need right away to your new residence.

You Can Keep Your Precious Keepsakes

When packing, it can become incredibly easy to decide that you just don’t need 10 boxes of photos or your children’s old art projects, and so you may toss them. While this does reduce what you take with you, it’s also a decision you’re likely to regret. Simply pack these items away and put them in storage so you have them in the future without having to move so much at once.

You Can Save Your Furniture

One of the most exciting parts of moving is the thought of getting a blank slate to decorate and furnish. If all new furniture isn’t in your budget, or you aren’t sure whether or not certain pieces of furniture will work in your new place, have your furniture wrapped and place it in storage. This allows you to keep your furniture until you know you are ready to move it in or part with it.

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