corporate relocation

Corporate relocations have many moving parts. Regardless of the size of your company, you deserve Portland commercial movers that can not only get you, your employees, and your company from Point A to Point B, but that can provide unparalleled customer service through every step of the process.

If your company has recently announced relocation plans, it’s essential to provide your employees with as much detailed information as possible to make corporate relocation easier. With the help of the below tips, your employees can be better prepared and less stressed throughout relocation.

Be Clear About Relocation Package

From the beginning, be transparent about employee’s compensation for relocation. Whether parts or all of the cost is covered, this allows employees more time to plan ahead and communicates respect and trust throughout the company.

Help Employees with Essentials

Setting up bank accounts, transferring health insurance, and other tedious tasks are often the last thing on employee’s minds after a relocation announcement. Providing employees with information regarding school registration, public transit, car registration, etc. can relieve worry while also making employees as ready as possible.

Hire an Experienced Moving Company

For your Portland company relocation, an experienced and dedicated moving company can make all the difference. Employees can remain confident that their equipment and files are organized and protected throughout the move, allowing them more time and energy to focus on personal packing and belongings.

ITS Global Relocation has assisted with corporate relocations for decades and can assist with each step of any company move. Contact us today to speak to a Relocation Move Coordinator by giving us a call or submitting a free, online quote to learn more.