Moving to Oregon

Moving to a new state can be extremely exciting, especially a beautiful state like Oregon. Along with the excitement of the relocation, there are also a lot of logistical chores to attend to. As Oregon movers, the moving professionals at ITS Global Relocation have years of experience moving families to and from Oregon and we are ready to help you!

If you are looking to move to the beaver state, here is a list of first steps to take to ensure a smooth relocation:

  • Research- Google and Bing will be your best friends as you begin the relocation process. It’s important to make sure you get a feel for the area, find a home, and maybe look up a few places to visit or grab some food. The familiarity you build as you research will help make the transition easier.
  • Be Flexible- Not every move is a cookie cutter experience. You may need temporary housing as you look for homes in your new city. Be flexible and ready to take these extra steps to ensure you find the right home. At ITS, we offer storage solutions that are just as flexible as your schedule.
  • Have Fun- This is a great adventure! There are plenty of opportunities for fun and great experiences ahead. Whether you are moving near or far, getting excited about the transition is the best way to assimilate to your new home. Instead of getting stressed out about the details of the move, let our Oregon movers help!

You’re on your way to a new home and a great life in Oregon. Visit our blog for more moving tips as you prepare for your move and give us a call, or fill out a quote form, to get a FREE moving estimate!