Tips for Moving Day

Moving day is a mess. It’s incredibly difficult to juggle all of the facets of the day. From the movers to packing up the family car, it’s a lot to worry about. How do you keep it all straight?

As Oregon movers, we at ITS Global Relocation understand your plight. It’s a lot to think about. Instead of letting the thought of moving day bog you down, here is a list of tips to help you manage it.

  • Prepare Zones- Labelling your boxes is important for organization and inventory, but you can make moving day even easier. Create designated zones for your belongings. Put everything you will take in your car in one room and then create zones for the movers’ boxes. If possible, pack up your car beforehand so you can relax and know those boxes/bags are already secured.
  • Check All Closets and Cabinets- If you have to pack in a hurry, it will be hard to have peace of mind that you got everything. Instead of torturing yourself over if you packed everything, check the house. Do a final sweep before and after the movers leave to ensure you didn’t miss anything in any cupboard, closet, or attic/crawl space. Beforehand will make sure you can give the movers items in a closet. The final sweep will give you the opportunity to have visual confirmation that you have everything.
  • Pack an Essentials Bag- Even if you are moving just around the corner, packing an essentials bag can prevent a lot of headaches. Have each family member pack a bag of everyday items that they will need starting after the move. This will keep you from scrambling and searching through boxes and bags trying to find your toothbrush or coffee mug.
  • Say Goodbye- It may be an emotional day for your family, but it’s important to remember it. You likely have some pretty nice memories in that home, so treasure them and say goodbye to the place that made it happen. Don’t let the melancholy atmosphere last too long; it’s time to get excited for another adventure full of great memories!

Ready to schedule your Oregon move? Contact the Portland movers at ITS for your upcoming relocation. We’re ready to make your move a smooth transition so moving day is a success! Call today!