Local Movers

If you are moving locally, you might think about saving some dollars and cents by not hiring a moving company. Your move just two miles away may seem like an easy task, but this could be a big mistake in the long run. While moving on your own could save you some money, there are plenty of reasons why that money is well spent on moving help.

As Portland local movers, the moving professionals at ITS Global Relocation are here to help. We have years of experience moving people in the Portland area.

  • Reduce Stress- There is so much to do when you move. From packing to relocating everything to unpacking, there are a lot of steps in the moving process. Instead of trying to do it all yourself, hiring a local moving a local moving company takes a lot off your plate and enables you to get excited about the new opportunities ahead.
  • Experience- You can’t overpay for the expertise and experience of a local moving team. This experience is invaluable for the safety of your belongings and your family. They can get things done a lot faster than you can by yourself and they can do so in a safe manner.
  • Safety- Nothing ruins a new home like hospital bills and injuries. We all have been there when we thought we could handle lifting a heavy box or a piece of furniture. Don’t run the risk of a major back blow out or dropping something on your foot. Our trained local movers have equipment to help with these heavier items.
  • Time- Beside the stress of the relocation, being busy is the other biggest hindrance to relationships during this time. Protect your family bond and help them through the transition by being there for them. The time you save by hiring our local movers will give you the opportunity to spend more time with your loved ones.

These are only four of the main reasons why a local mover is invaluable to your local Portland move. Don’t waste your time or risk injury; give the Portland local moving experts at ITS Global Relocation a call. We’d be happy to help take your family to your new home!