Moving is hard, especially when you have a lot of belongings and furniture. ITS Global Relocation Services has the equipment and trained movers to safely transport all of your items, but it can still be an involved process. If you are going a long-distance, you may want to let go of some things and buy what you need at your new home. We understand that you don't want to just throw out those items, but would rather they have continued use with other owners. Our team has put together a list of Portland donation centers and consignment shops where you can donate all of that excess stuff when moving!

Thrift Stores

There are a number of thrift stores in the Portland area that take in donations of household goods. These are especially good places to take collections of miscellaneous items. You can usually find a Goodwill donation center in the neighborhood that will accept items, even a donation drop off box is good for smaller donations.

  • William Temple House on NW Glisan St. is a local thrift store that accepts large donations of furniture. They also offer furniture pick up for a small fee, which saves a lot of time!
  • Scrap PDX on SW Alder St. is another store that specifically accepts arts and crafts materials. This is a great place for your extra painting and drawing supplies, sewing notions and fabric, scrapbooking materials, and even containers, picture frames, and carpet samples.

Consignment Shops

If you have plenty of time before your move, consider selling better quality items and brand name clothing at a consignment shop. Homeowners can even post a few ads on Craigslist or eBay and you might be able to get the buyer to pick up the items in-person!

  • Red Snapper on SE Hawthorne Blvd. is a furniture consignment shop that primarily accepts mid-century modern pieces.
  • Portland Rerun is a resale store and consignment shop on NE Fremont St. that serves as a popular spot for shoppers. They sell many kinds of furniture and clothing.
  • What's Upstairs? on NW 23rd Ave. is a little boutique accepts trendy and vintage clothing and accessories.

Recycling Centers

Everyone has belongings that aren't usable or in good condition. Rather than toss these items out in the nearest dumpster, you might be able to drop them off at one of Portland's recycling centers.

  • Far West Recycling has multiple locations in Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Northeast, and Southeast Portland. They accept all of the usual materials, including wood, paper, metal, glass, and plastic. Some locations even accept shoes, appliances, and cell phones. Some locations may charge a small fee for drop-offs.

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