ITS Global Relocation | Tips for Moving During Summer

While summer can seem like the easiest time of year to plan your Portland, OR, household move, almost everyone else has the same idea too. Plus, the heat can make it difficult to get much done without help. Make sure that your move goes smoothly by reaching out to ITS Global Relocation Services. We offer full-service moving for homeowners, apartment tenants, military members, and businesses. Our team will put their all into reducing your stress, starting these these simple moving tips to help your relocation go more smoothly.

Schedule Early When Moving in Summer

The busiest time of year for full-service movers is summer. At ITS Global Relocation Services, we can be booked up weeks or months in advance. We want to help all of those who reach out to us about arranging a move, it's just that our schedule may already be booked up for the time you want to move. If you are planning on moving in summer, try scheduling your move at least six weeks in advance. 

Hydration is Key in the Heat

As you may have to go in and out of the house throughout the move, you can easily work up a sweat. Your body's cooling mechanism uses up a lot of fluids, and you might not have the time or ability to grab a glass of water from the kitchen sink. Be sure to have plenty of bottled water on hand to sip on during the day. Some clients also like to have extra water available for their movers, the kids, and their pets too.

Monitor the Air Conditioning

During the hottest part of the year, it is essential to stay cool. However, the front entry will pretty much be open all day long on moving day. This can cause the utility bills to skyrocket. A better option might be to turn the air conditioning down to cool the house before the full-service movers arrive, and turn it off, once they start moving boxes and furniture out. You can also set up fans to help circulate air and keep rooms comfortable, especially upstairs.

Find a Safe Place for Pets and Children

Parents of human and fur children may want to try to make arrangements for their little ones on moving day. Otherwise, they'll end up underfoot and could get hurt or even run out the door and get lost. Perhaps ask a friendly neighbor to let them hang out at their place? Or, you could have relatives babysit while you are moving? If having someone watch the kids isn't a good option, then empty out one of the side rooms before the movers arrive and set up your kids in there for day. Give them plenty of entertainment to keep them busy too.

The dedicated Portland, OR, movers at ITS Global Relocation Services are available to help you relocate during summer. Just reach out to us as soon as possible about your move. Our team will do their best to find a good time for for the move, while our move coordinator helps you with a FREE price estimate during an on-site consultation. We're available by phone or via our online contact form.