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Relocating to a new neighborhood can be a challenging task, especially if it’s an interstate, long-distance move. Because a long-distance move is a major life event, it is important to prepare the whole family for this change.

Regardless of the size or distance of the move, long-distance relocation comes with a long list of tasks to be accomplished to make the move successful. These move-related tasks include packing, dealing with transfer of utilities, and arranging for transportation—among a long list of other things. 

Fortunately, moving far away doesn’t have to be hard. Hiring professional Portland long-distance moving company such as ITS Global Relocation Services can ease the burden from your shoulders. With over nine decades of experience as a top moving company in Portland and beyond, offering superior quality services to assist homeowners with their short- and long-distance moves. In this article, we will focus on providing tips that will make your long-distance move smooth and hassle-free.

Have a Meeting with The Whole Family

It is important to gather the whole family and discuss the upcoming long-distance move. If you have kids, now is the time to explain why the move is necessary as this significant change can cause anxiety on their part. Make them understand that the relocation is for the better and consider it as a great adventure. Also, you can start designating tasks for each family member to make the process run smoothly. 

Give Yourself Enough Time to Adequately Prepare

For short-distance relocation, the recommended timespan to plan and execute a move is at least 8 weeks. However, for a long-distance move, at least 12 to 16 weeks is ideal preparation time. The point is, the more complicated the move is, the more time should be allocated for the preparation. So as soon as you have a target date set, find a mover, and start planning and creating a timeline and budget.

Streamline Your Long Distance Move by Sorting

When you are going on a long-distance move, it is recommended to bring only the household items that are necessary and valuable to you. The more items that you bring, the more expensive the move is going to be and the bigger challenge it will be to move.

Before you start packing, go through your household items and sort through them. If you’re like most people, you’ve accumulated plenty of things over the years—and won’t need to take everything you own with you. Separate whatever you have to sell, things you can throw away, or items you might wish to donate or give away. 

Decide on Your Approach to Moving Long Distance

If DIY moving is challenging for local moves, planning a long-distance relocation by yourself can be extremely complicated. For instance, you’ll need to rent a moving truck and drive it yourself, taking into account your family’s transportation as well. You’ll also need to handle last-minute emergencies or complications, find moving supplies on your own, arrange assistance for the heavy lifting or transportation of specialty items you can’t move yourself, organize shipping for certain items, and so much more.

The most convenient approach for going the distance is to hire a full-service moving company to assist you throughout every step of the way. A dedicated moving company will take over with a swift hand—orchestrating your relocation with specialized services that you need for a smooth and easy relocation experience.

Determine Your Moving Day Transportation Plans

As mentioned before, you’ll also need to arrange transportation in advance. Depending on how far away you’re moving, you might be driving your car or flying out. It’s best to determine the logistics of this aspect of your move as early as possible. Planning hotel reservations, buying flight tickets, having vehicles shipped to you, and other important moving details will help you to save money and stay organized. 

The Most Reliable Portland Long Distance Moving Company

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