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Moving to a new office can be an exciting time for companies. Maybe the company has outgrown its original location, or the leadership has finally managed to streamline their process and can handle everything in-house. Whatever the reason, it takes a lot of time and organization to make your corporate relocation a successful one.

The tricky part is that poorly managed relocation can lead to chaos and unnecessary headaches. Whether you’re taking your company to a new building down the street, streamlining your warehouse by moving important items to storage, or moving key employees to new offices across the country, proper planning and organization of your relocation is of the utmost importance. The good news is that by working with a Portland commercial moving company like ITS Global Relocation, you can gain access to a wealth of expertise and resources designed to make your office relocation a breeze.

If you’re planning a company relocation, we’ve provided this list of helpful tips to make to start planning your project. You’ll also find some valuable information on hiring a moving team and what you can do to make your project a success.

Preparing a Successful Commercial Move

The secret to getting the most out of your relationship with Portland commercial moving companies is to identify and execute a performance checklist. This checklist should include important dates and tasks and a tight, effective schedule to facilitate a streamlined moving experience.

Other important actions that will help you experience an easier move include the following:

  • Start Planning Early: You wouldn’t prepare for the annual shareholders meeting at the very last minute, so why would you delay something as complex as planning your move? What you want to do is give yourself between 6-12 months of planning time depending on the complexity involved. For example, if you’re a gym that has a roomful of sensitive, high-tech exercise equipment to move, then you’ll want the additional time. Beyond starting early, you want to get everyone else involved early too. This not only means your moving partners but also your employees. Let them know when to expect certain events so everything runs smoothly during the transition.
  • Consider Storage Options: If the new location is physically smaller, then its time to consider working with commercial movers in Portland that also offer superior long-term storage options. As a rule, every file and document is important. However, that doesn’t mean they’re always used regularly. Organize this stuff ahead of time and put aside for storage to make the moving day even smoother.
  • Update your Digital Address: Today, everyone searches for a company online. It’s really easy to forget in the chaos of the move to update your address across your online profile. Make sure that everything from Yelp to City Search and other resources is updated with your new information so clients and others can find you.

What to Look for in Your Commercial Mover

There are numerous moving companies that offer corporate relocation services. However, that doesn’t mean their services match up to your needs. When looking for a Portland commercial moving company, you want one that offers the following services:

  • Modular Furniture Moving: Cubicle walls and other similar furniture require disassembly and specialized transport. Choose a company that specifically offers this service.
  • Full-Service Packing: It’s usually the case that neither you nor your employees have the time or resources to spend on packing. Let your commercial movers take care of you in this matter.
  • Storage: You need a company that offers both short and long-term storage options. The storage facility should be climate-controlled and secure.
  • Equipment Movers: Whether you’re a hospital, corporate office, or university campus, your organization has heavy machinery that needs moving. Choose a company that has the expertise and equipment needed to handle this task.
  • Appliance Movers: If there’s a break room, there’s a refrigerator or microwave to move. Leave the moving of these heavy, sensitive items (and others that fit the same profile) to the professionals.
  • Trade Show Movers: Do you have trade show equipment? Some commercial movers have specific equipment designed to help you safely transport your trade show equipment.
  • Electronics: Electronics are the lifeblood of your company. Make sure the company you choose has experience in transporting everything from computers to IT towers, printers, servers, and more.

Move Your Company with ITS Global Relocation

When it comes to a commercial move, there are two major concerns: minimized downtime and item safety. That’s why our moving team offers superior resources and expertise to ensure that every relocation, no matter how large or small goes smoothly from start to finish.

At ITS Global Relocation, we’ll take over your moving project to ensure that the move is done on-time and according to budget. If you’re ready to start working with our top-rated team of commercial movers in Portland, give us a call now to begin discussing your needs. You can also get started by requesting a free, on-site pricing estimate and consultation with a project coordinator by filling out our quick online form.