Taking extra precautions to stay safe with your upcoming move is even more important now, as the height of the moving season includes the COVID-19 pandemic.  As an Essential Business, we have remained open for business, in front of the situation and up-front with our health and safety precautions.  ITS Global Relocation Services is here to ensure you make a successful move this season.

There are a few major things to be aware of when preparing for your family relocation:

  • Selecting the Right Mover: Experienced, licensed professionals
  • Moving Safely: Extra precautions and social distancing options

Stay Safe While Moving

With the rise of Covid-19 in addition to the familiar scam artists and disreputable moving companies that take advantage of customers, there are many hazards to avoid when relocating your family.  Stay cautious and follow these tips to ensure your move goes smoothly:

  1. Ask the moving company about their Covid-19 plan.  Most moving companies are listed as essential businesses to stay open.  However, they should implement safety procedures, such as daily disinfection and monitoring employees for signs of illness, to prevent the spread of illness.  Our estimators and moving crews wear masks, use gloves/sanitizer/wash hands frequently, and practice social distancing whenever possible – including the use of video technologies for the “in-home” estimate when requested.
  2. Double-check that the company is insured.  If your belongings are damaged or lost in transit, you’ll be able to recoup some of the losses through their insurance.
  3. Look to see if the mover has a retail location.  You don’t have to go to their offices but the fact that they have an established warehouse/office can show that they aren’t a fly-by-night operation.
  4. Create an inventory.  Before you pack or have the packers come in, make sure to inventory everything you own including valuables.  When you unpack, go through the house checking items off the inventory to confirm that your belongings have all made it safely to the new destination.

How to Pick a Reputable Moving Company

As you start planning that move, you’ll find that many moving companies are booked up for the season.  It’s important to start preparing for you relocation early so you can get the best appointment times and find a good Portland moving company.  Do this by researching multiple companies to find out their history, procedures, and any features that make them different from others on the market.

ITS Global Relocation Services suggests checking out the following facts about any potential Portland movers you are considering this month:

  • License – Any professional moving company is licensed with legal authority to transport household goods – as indicated by a Motor Carrier (MC) number that should be easily found on their website or other business materials along with their address and other company information.  ITS Global Relocation Services has the connections to complete: local moves, senior moves, Oregon intrastate moves, Washington intrastate moves, military moves, interstate moves (see “Affiliations” below) and international relocations.
  • Affiliations – Check to see if the moving company is affiliated with any organizations and van lines.  This shows they are established and working to stay current with industry standards.  ITS Global Relocation Services is an agent for Bekin Van Lines which means we have the connections needed to successfully complete long distance moves.
  • Reviews/Reputation – Look at their previous customer reviews and comments to see how others feel about the quality of their services.  You might also want to see if they have good standing with business ratings organizations, like the Better Business Bureau.  By the way, we have an A+ rating and BBB-accreditation.
  • Training/Certification – Find out if the company has a business license and has insurance on their customer’s belongings.  You may also check to see what kind of training and certification their movers receive.  Our Portland movers are pre-screened and qualified before hiring.  We’re also members of the American Moving & Storage Association which helps us stay up to date on moving practices.

As you move into early summer, these tips can help keep your family and your household items safe.  Allow Irvington Transfer & Storage (ITS) Global Relocation Services to help you with a free cost estimate for your residential move.  Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to get started right away.