People relocate for different reasons, such as advancing their careers or moving closer to families. Whenever you want to relocate, planning your move with the help of a reputable Portland long-distance moving company will go a long way to save you stress and money. If you’re moving your household from Portland, read on to learn how to simplify your move.

Book Your Move in Advance

You reduce both physical and mental stress when you plan your move early. Moving companies are usually fully booked during the summer months, and they end up turning down last-minute calls for their services because their trucks and crews are all in use. So, if you want to move in summer as most people do, you must plan ahead of your moving date.

Consider Van Lines Affiliation

If you are moving interstate, you need a certified company to do the job. Van lines-affiliated moving companies meet the licensing requirements needed to transport household items across state lines and country borders. So, you need to choose a company that is associated with a van line. But in case you are not sure about this, ensure to ask the moving provider if they are licensed to conduct interstates moves. Never forget to check out their customer reviews; they come in handy when it’s time for you to make the final decision about working with a moving provider.

Ask About Storage Options

Sometimes, there could be an unexpected delay that will require you to find a place to temporarily secure your household items, which is why when planning and timing your move, remember to ask your moving provider about their warehouse storage options. This occurrence may be due to the coordination of dates between leaving your existing home and arriving in your new home.

Ask About Protection Plans

It is your right by law to enjoy free released value protection. Your moving provider must make available for you free basic valuation coverage that will provide reimbursement for your items based on their weights. You have to understand that this protection is not replacement value, so if you would like a full replacement value protection coverage, ensure to ask your potential provider about the full value protection options that you can purchase.

Decide What to Move

Deciding on what to move, donate, sell, or self-transport when planning your move should not be taken with levity because they help you save moving costs, save on taxes, and also, they help you declutter. Self-transportation of your precious and delicate items like your jewelry should be considered, especially if you do not want to pay for full value protection coverage. Donation and sell-off help you get rid of certain items like unwanted clothing and furniture.

Grab a Free Quote for a Stress-Free Long-Distance Relocation

One of the best decisions you can make when planning your move is choosing ITS Global Relocation. We are a Portland long-distance moving company with over 93 years of experience. We have access to the best moving equipment, and our professionals are well-trained. We are affiliated with Bekins Van Lines, and in November 2020, we were awarded ‘Agent of the Month.’ Our commitment to serving our customers the right way has earned us not only BBB A+ accreditation but also numerous 5-star customer reviews.

When you choose ITS Global Relocation, you enjoy:

  • Packing Supplies
  • Packing, Padding/Wrapping of Furniture
  • Custom Crating of Fragile Items
  • Storage Facilities

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