Packing up and moving a business is not an easy task for any business owner. However, the benefits that come from the relocation can make for a great advantage for businesses and their potential growth. 

Two of the most common reasons businesses relocate are lowering their tax burden and creating a better environment for their employees. As Portland office movers, we have seen what states make for the best relocation spots.

Three of the best spots to relocate your business to are: 

  • Florida
  • Nevada 
  • North Carolina

Moving Your Business To Lower Your Income Taxes

Lowering the overall tax burden on your business can free up more capital for your business each year. As more businesses relocate to lower-tax states, it has become more apparent which states are the most business-friendly. 
According to TaxFoundation, the three states that we recommend for business relocation have corporate income tax rankings that rank well in the United States. Among all 50 states, our recommendations rank: 
  • Florida - Ranked 6th 
  • Nevada - Ranked 25th 
  • North Carolina -  Ranked 4th 
Along with the corporate income tax, we must also consider the state personal income tax burden for businesses and employees. Among all 50 states, our recommendations rank the following for personal income tax: 
  • Florida - Ranked 1st
  • Nevada - Ranked 5th 
  • North Carolina - Ranked 16th 

Moving Your Business To Retain/Attract Employees 

Your business's tax burden is only one of the reasons why businesses relocate to a new state. Another important benefit of moving to a new state is its effect on your employees and potential employees. 
Relocating to warm states with lots of outdoor recreation, attractions, and culture is a great way to keep your employees happy. These types of locations also attract talent, as people want to work in the ideal conditions of these states. 
All of the states mentioned in this article have national parks, growing cities, and are prime locations for talented professionals. By bringing your business to these states, you will improve company morale and growth. 

Portland's Industry-Leading Business Moving Services 

As one of Portland's best business moving companies, our ITS Global Relocation Services team can handle the entire relocation process for your business. From move management to furniture reassembly, our Portland business movers will get the job done. 

Seamless Employee Relocation Services  

Helping your employees make the move is a big part of the business relocation process. Our team offers residential moving services that include wrapping furniture, labeling items, and other parts of the moving process. 
We are a proud agent of Bekins Van Lines and can help coordinate with HR departments for the move. From small businesses to large-scale enterprises, our team can handle business relocations of any size. 
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