Moving collectible items like fine china, luxury handbags, instruments, and antiques can be quite the challenge. By following a few simple tips and tricks, you can ensure that even your most valuable items will arrive to your new home safely.

The Portland long-distance movers at ITS Global Relocation have learned a thing or two about moving collectible items over the years. Our residential movers in Portland have come up with a few tips for packing and transporting valuable items during a long-distance move.

Packing Supplies for Small Items

If you are moving smaller valuable items such as antique figurines and fine china, it is important to use packing supplies that provide additional protection during transport. The best packing supplies for small items include:

  • Packing Paper
  • Packing Peanuts
  • Bubble Roll
  • Cardboard Boxes with Dividers

When you are securing your items with packing tape, keep in mind that direct contact with adhesive could damage your valuables. To ensure that your items arrive safely, consider hiring a long-distance moving company that offers professional packing and unpacking services.

Moving Blankets and Crating for Large Items

Our Portland long-distance movers recommend using moving blankets to protect larger items during transport. Minimizing movement during transport should be your top priority, so we recommend finding a moving company that offers custom crating.

Protection Planning

By law, moving companies must provide a basic valuation coverage that provides damage reimbursement based on an item’s weight. Since the reimbursement isn’t based on an item’s replacement value, you should consider purchasing full value protection coverage from your moving company.

For small items of value such as fine jewelry and coin collections, consider using self-transportation or a specialty shipping service.

Warehouse Storage

At some point during your move, you may need to find a secure place to store your items. Hiring a moving company that provides short-term and long-term storage will eliminate a potentially stressful situation later on. Your valuables can be stored in vaults for added safety. Plus, most warehouse storage facilities have climate control capabilities.

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