As Portland’s long-distance movers since 1926, ITS Global Relocation Services has helped thousands of customers with their relocations. We’ve also developed a lot as a moving company and learned a few environmentally friendly tips and tricks. In fact, there are many ways our residential movers in Portland can help you make a more sustainable move. More than that, we also have a few suggestions for customers to implement when preparing for their relocations.

How Movers Can Reduce their Environmental Impact

When you are looking for a moving company, consider hiring a team that implements some or all of these techniques.

1. Relies on Full Truckload Shipping

Sometimes, moving companies will place smaller shipments into a single truck for a long-distance relocation. This practice uses less fuel to transport different customers' household belongings over greater distances.

2. Provides Reusable Packing Supplies for Customers

Your long-distance movers in Portland may also offer you reusable packing supplies or use these materials when providing full-service packing. These may include:

  • Reusable wardrobe boxes for hanging items
  • Plastic crates to hold computers and workstation items in
  • Moving blankets and large rubber bands for furniture

3. Uses Renewable Energy Sources

The mover may also use renewable energy in their facilities, like solar power or wind power. They can either install solar panels and wind turbines or choose an energy provider that provides renewable power.

4. Purchases Recycled Office Products and Environmentally Friendly Cleansers

Businesses go through a lot of chemicals, cleaners, and office supplies in the course of operation. If even a portion of these products are made with environmentally safe, recycled materials, it can have a significant impact. Ideas include purchasing recycled office supplies, safe cleaning supplies, and encouraging employee recycling inside their facilities.

5. Follows Sustainable Practices with their Truck Fleet

Besides full truckload shipping, businesses can also install telematics on their vehicles to ensure trucks take the shortest routes, have less downtime, and to also ensure regular maintenance is kept up. When servicing trucks, companies can use environmentally friendly materials and chemicals, whenever possible and also dispose of chemicals per Portland’s regulations.

Ways Residential Customers Can Make an Environmentally Friendly Move

Don’t forget to do your part in cutting down on waste, recycling, and reusing materials. Here are some ideas to check out.

6. Donate Unwanted Items & Food

Rather than throw out your unwanted household goods and furniture, consider donating them to local charities. You can also donate non-perishable food items to your local food bank.

7. Follow Community Guidelines for Disposing of Hazardous Chemicals

If you have any chemicals or paint in the house, look up your local community’s guidelines for proper disposal. Many products like paint, oil, and solvents should never be poured down the drain. It’s likely that your community has a local collection center where you can drop of these materials for safe disposal.

8. Follow Community Guidelines for Disposing of Electronics & Computers

Electronics contain a mix of potentially toxic materials, like lead, and valuable or recyclable materials, like gold, copper, and plastic. Rather than throwing them out, check with your local community to find out your options for disposal. You can drop off computers and electronics at a local collection center.

9. Use Salvaged Cardboard Boxes for Packing Items

Buying packing supplies, like paper and cardboard boxes, only adds to environmental waste. Consider reusing old newspapers or wrapping fragile items in your blankets and towels when packing them. You can also check with local grocery stores to see if they have any extra boxes in the back that you can use for packing.

ITS Global provides a broad range of moving services as agents with Bekins Van Lines. Our team utilizes full truckload shipping, telematics, and more. Plus, our services can help streamline your move, like:

  • Full-Service Packing & Unpacking
  • Custom-Crating
  • Short- & Long-Term Storage
  • Appliance Moving
  • Senior Move Management

If you would like to know more about our Portland long-distance movers, reach out today about a free assessment and cost estimate. Give us a call or fill out our online form right away.