Is a big upcoming move making you nervous because you aren’t sure how to move with large, fragile items? Our Portland long-distance movers with ITS Global Relocations Services have years of experience when it comes to moving with big and breakable items. As an A+ rated BBB accredited ProMover Company founded in 1926, we’ve learned how to safely and successfully move:

  • Fragile Large Screen TVs
  • Stunning Sculptures & Statues
  • Delicate Pieces of Artwork
  • Big and Bulky Mirrors
  • And Much More

Today, our movers are going to share their best advice for moving with large, fragile items that were learned from experience. Moving never has to be stressful when you’re equipped with the right knowledge to handle it.

Professional Packing Methods Keep Your Belongings Safe

Reputable, professional residential moving companies in Portland, like ITS, employ professional packing methods to keep your valuables safe. When our team packs large, fragile items to secure them on the truck, we like to use:

  • Soft Moving Pads
  • Custom Crating Options
  • Custom TV Box Solutions

By wrapping your belongings in moving pads, they will have an extra, cushioning layer of protection that keeps them from clanking against other objects. To take it a step further, professional movers like us can offer you custom crating options. These custom crates are built to fit the dimensions of your valuables to a T, which prevents them from being jostled. Custom TV boxes work the same way.

How to Make Sure Your Valuables Are Fully Covered

Our residential movers in Portland can offer you full valuation coverage in place of basic valuation coverage. While basic valuation coverage will cover the cost of your items by weight in case they happen to break, full valuation coverage covers them by their monetary value. If your large, breakable items are expensive, this could be worth an extra investment.

Securely Storing Your Items in Warehouse Storage Facilities

Our long-distance movers in Portland know that not everyone is ready to have their fragile belongings with them in the new home as soon as they get there. The solution? Secure storage space in climate-controlled warehouse facilities. Our warehouses are incredibly expansive and monitored for your items’ protection.

Call Our Residential Movers in Portland Now for More Information

Our movers in Portland with ITS Global Relocation Services want to offer even more great tips for moving with large, fragile belongings. To learn more, please call our residential movers in Portland today!