There is a lot of unintended damage that could happen during a move. A common reason is the move of large items and the heavy furniture lifting. While professional residential movers understand that aside from the items being moved, the property shouldn't be damaged during a move. The truth is, that a lot of unplanned damage can happen. 

Whether you plan to move with the help of professional movers or your friends and family, we recommend that you take steps to protect your house before a move. This will protect your home from damage and save you the stress of clearing up afterward. As a professional mover in Portland, ITS Global Relocation Services has compiled tips to protect your home during a move. 

Protect Your Lawn with Plywoods

Residential movers will use a short and direct path from your front door to the moving truck to ensure that the items are moved without any damage, but there's a catch. There is a high chance of this high foot traffic wreaking havoc on your lawn. The damage on the lawn could be worse if it has been raining and the ground is soft. Fortunately, laying sheets of plywood, particle board, or cardboard to cover the grass and create a temporary pathway can reduce the damage to your lawn. 

Protect the Floors

The chance of damage to your home flooring during a move is high. For example, it could be damaged if you slide furniture on it. Most professional movers will ensure that the floors are protected before moving your items, but you can also protect them by laying sheets of old cardboard or particle boards on the floor. If you use a carpet or rug, ensure that all carpeted areas in your home are protected with plastic wrap. 

Additionally, there's always a significant increase in foot traffic on moving days, increasing the chances of outside dirt and debris being brought in. Protecting the floor with these temporary flooring covers can reduce the cleaning afterward. 

Protecting Doorways & Stairwell Banisters

Most furniture would fit through standard doorways, but if you have larger furniture or live in a home with smaller doorways, that's alright. To ensure that your furniture doesn't leave a scratch or damage on the doorways, you can always cover these items with towels or a heavy blanket to act as a soft cushion that helps protect your doorways and stairwell banisters. 

Protecting Window and Wall Decor

When planning to move, you should remove all wall decorations before your mover's arrival. This is because there's a high chance of causing damage to wall decor or walls when moving large and bulky furniture that might hinder you or your professional long-distance movers from having a clear line of sight. Also, here's why using moving blankets to cushion furniture comes in handy. It prevents scratches against walls. 

Protecting Against Spills 

Before a move, all liquids and powders you no longer use in your home should be properly disposed of. Still, if there are liquids that you want to move, should properly seal them at the beginning of the move to ensure that it doesn't spill on the walls or floor. 

Protecting Your Garage Floor

Another must-do tip to take note of as a homeowner before moving is clearing your garage. A garage is a home to numerous oils, fuels, or chemicals used for vehicle and lawn care, so these items should be properly disposed of to avoid spillage on the floor. But, again, it is vital to note that most moving companies will not move these items. 

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