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When it comes time to move your Portland home, you may find yourself overwhelmed with the sheer volume of possessions you own. This is especially the case if you've lived in your residence for quite some time. We all have the tendency to accumulate belongings, and far too often these items simply get stored away where we don't pay them any attention. Then, when it comes time to move, you uncover them. In many cases, there may not be a reason to pack all of these belongings up. In that case, where will they go?

If you don't want your local Portland movers to transport these items, donating them is a wonderful way of getting rid of your unused items in bulk. There are a variety of organizations throughout the area that take a range of items. Let's look at some of the organizations you can drop your things off at.

Donating Items to Salvation Army

Salvation Army is a nationwide non-profit that has multiple locations around the Portland area offering donation services. Either bring your items to a store or a donation center, and the employees will pass these items on to people in need, or sell them in their store. Salvation Army takes a wide variety of common household items including clothing, furniture, and appliances. They even take car donations, so if you have a vehicle that's not worth selling or packing with your Portland residential movers, it may be beneficial to donate it. All donations are tax-deductible as well.

Goodwill Donation Centers in Portland

Like Salvation Army, Goodwill has a nationwide presence making it incredibly easy to donate. Goodwill sells your new or gently used items in their expansive stores and then uses proceeds to help needy people find employment, strengthen communities, and help the environment. For best results, bring your items to an established Goodwill donation center or drop off your items at their various dropbox locations.

Vietnam Veterans of America

Vietnam Veterans of America utilize donations to specifically benefit veterans. A huge advantage of this organization is that you can schedule a pick-up at your door, making it incredibly convenient when you're already busy organizing a stressful move. This organization accepts items like clothing, household items, sporting equipment, and books. Make sure everything is small enough for a single person to carry. They do not accept items like:

  • Large Furniture
  • Large Appliances like Washers and Dryers
  • TVs of Any Kind
  • Cash or Checks

Contact a Moving Company to Help With the Rest of Your Items

Once your items are all donated and you're ready to move, hire a moving company to assist with the rest. ITS Global Relocation Services is your trusted mover who has been serving the Portland area since 1926. With our BBB accreditation and ProMover membership, you're guaranteed a team of qualified professionals that'll get the job done. Whether you need a residential, commercial, or senior move - we're there for you. Contact us today for your free quote.