Many people choose to relocate during summer because it has many benefits. This time of the year between mid-May and early September is known as the peak season in the moving industry because the weather is warm, kids are out of school, and clients usually have time away from work.

While moving can sometimes be a complicated and time-consuming task, relocating is even more challenging during the peak moving season. With the number of families and individuals planning to relocate during summer, moving companies tend to get extremely busy, and they get booked for days.

At ITS Global Relocation, we are a Portland moving company that has been helping home, and business owners relocate conveniently and efficiently for decades. We understand why it is important to move early before the rush of the summertime. If you are already getting stressed about the thought of moving during summer, here are some advantages of planning your move before the rush hits:

Lower Costs

If you are working on a tight budget, we always recommend a pre-season move. Due to the demand for moving services during summer, the prices are mostly higher. Unless you are worried about moving during the mid-school year, there is no reason you should postpone your move until the prices are higher. On the other hand, moving companies usually offer promos and discounts during the off-peak moving period. To learn about the difference between the prices now and during summer, contact some moving companies for a no-obligation consultation and price quote.

More Flexibility

The best moving companies are always booked months in advance during the peak season. Instead of working with just any moving company you can find due to a last-minute rush, a pre-season move allows more flexibility. You will have enough time to find a company with a good reputation. Most importantly, you can be more flexible with your moving dates.

Ample Time

A pre-season move gives you ample time to arrange everything and focus on the details of your relocation. This means you will have enough time to organize every aspect of your relocation without being time-constrained. You can avoid hasty and chaotic actions that may harm your moving experience.

Wider Choice of Reliable Movers

You will have the advantage of choosing and hiring moving services from competent and reliable moving companies and may not have to deal with inexperienced movers and unreliable moving equipment during the peak season. Hence, choosing not to move during the peak season will help you secure the services of a reputable company that is suitable for your relocation needs.

Safe and Fast Shipment

As roads are less busy during winter, chances for traffic jams that may delay the truck while moving your belongings are minimal. Also, you get to enjoy a quicker and more efficient move with the big van lines during this period.

Plan Your Move with ITS Global Relocation Today

When it comes to moving services, our team offers superior moving equipment and expertise to ensure that your relocation goes smoothly from start to finish, no matter the size or scope. At ITS Global Relocation, we’ll handle your moving project and ensure the move is completed on time and according to your budget. 

Our years of experience and commitment to 100% customer satisfaction sets us apart from other Portland moving companies. If you are ready to work with our top-rated team of Portland movers, give us a call now to discuss your moving needs. You can also get started by filling out our quick online form for a free moving quote.