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Are you wondering how Portland moving companies produce the rates they quote you? Not sure if you want to have multiple movers come to your property for an estimate?

While visual moving estimates can be a hassle, they are important for helping the moving company create a fair and accurate estimate.

How Companies Charge for a Local Move

Local movers usually charge and hourly rate plus the cost of fuel for their trucks. Their hourly rate is usually an estimate based on the size of your home and the number of movers they think will be needed for the job. Fuel costs are based on the current market prices and the estimated distance to your new home.

How Companies Charge for a Long-Distance Move

Your Portland long-distance movers will create a moving quote based on different factors. Interstate movers like to charge based on the total weight of the shipment and a carrier’s tariff rate.

The total weight of your household belongings is calculated during the first move consultation with a move estimator. This estimate enters an inventory of your belongings into a software program that uses a mathematical formula to calculate the overall shipment weight.

Why Do Movers Need these Visual Assessments?

Movers need to make an in-home visit or else see the home through a video call to get an exact idea of what is being moved. Moving companies in Portland use this visual information to create a shipment weight for interstate moves and hourly estimates for local moves.

Plus, the estimator can take note of other important information for the movers, like:

  • Limited Truck Access
  • Stairwells/Elevators in an Apartment Building
  • Fragile or Valuable Items
  • Family Pets

Don’t Forget About Additional Costs

If you want to add an extra service onto your Oregon State move, it will also increase your quote since that means added time and resources. There are a number of special services that moving companies offer customers, such as:

  • Custom-Crating
  • Packing and Unpacking
  • Storage
  • Valuation Coverage
  • Packing Supplies

Ask if it’s a Binding or Non-Binding Estimate

Movers offer either a binding or a non-binding estimate for their relocation services. However, you may prefer to get the ‘binding’ estimate because this protects you against extra charges that can pop up during a relocation. Movers are limited in how much they can ask you to pay for after giving the ‘binding’ estimate.

A non-binding estimate offers more wiggle room for the moving company to add on fees if there are unexpected issues with your relocation. There are legal limits for non-binding estimates, so the mover can only charge so much more.

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